In our fast-paced, tech-dominated, politically correct, modern world, we often forget the quality of gentlemanliness that was so highly regarded by earlier generations. A gentleman is thought to be a man of social status, wealth, or power—all externally-bestowed attributes. The far more valuable internal qualities are neglected, and being a gentleman is reduced to mere politeness. Yet, there remain young men who are not only quick to open the door or give up a chair to a lady, but also possess a depth of character that is manifest in their thoughtful words and deeds, consistent discipline, leadership by example, and courageous, tempered response to evil.

Justin is one such man. To meet him is a joy, for he radiates friendliness, compassion, and genuine interest in those he crosses paths with. To know him well is an even greater honor. His patriotism and passion for liberty are coupled with mature insight into why people function and make decisions the way they do, how the modern world has reached such a desperate state of division and conflict, and how he is called to bring hope to those who are suffering. As his name indicates, he has a deep sense of justice, fierce anger against injustice, and a powerful desire to carry light into this dark world. His integrity and work ethic are unwavering; he seeks excellence in everything he sets his mind and hand to do. In the way he conducts himself towards others—be they men or women, family and friends or complete strangers—Justin is the embodiment of chivalry, a term used in the Middle Ages to refer to the qualities of the ideal knight: courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak. Certainly, it is impossible to believe that gentlemanliness is a thing of the past once you know a man like Justin.