“The title “Gentleman of The Year,” although very gracious, in all honesty shouldn’t be a reward. It acknowledges the time we live in—a time where men can get away with not fulfilling their basic duties and acting as they ought to. This rewards a man for only fulfilling what is, or at least should be, expected from him, and that is to be a gentleman. Every man should be a gentleman, no exceptions. Men should not be rewarded for doing the bare-minimum; we should be rewarded for going above and beyond what is our own basic duty.

I try to live a life in which I show respect for and value myself and others. I personally don’t believe that I am an outstanding person, but I do try and go out of my way to help others. Perhaps it was the way in which I was raised that makes me different from most men of our generation, but I never thought I deserved a reward for that.” ~Jordan Leppo, Nominee