The University of Virginia is pleased to nominate Jeffrey DelSordo for the 2018 College Gentleman of the Year Award. First, Jeff is a gentleman because he is selfless, caring, and goes out of his way to help others any chance he gets. He was sworn into the United States Marine Corps Officer Program on January 26th, 2018, and if selected by the Board, will begin training in September at Quantico. His selflessness and willingness to serve is country is honorable and is a demonstration of his recognition of duty. Additionally, Jeff has worked in soup kitchens and retirement homes with his local church, in addition to traveling on several mission trips to Orange Walk, Belize where he worked to construct a community center for local residents. His passion to give of himself and help those in need is an admirable trait, and something we recognize each day. Further, Jeff interned with iWith to provide internet access to small European non-profits in Barcelona, Spain, and most recently interned with the Cato Institute to promote criminal justice reform and the American law system. Jeff combines his academic interests with real world problems to enact real change, going above and beyond to advocate on behalf of the principles in which he believes. His leadership as the President of the University of Virginia’s chapter of Students for Individual Liberty also provides a way for Jeff to share his passions for advocacy with other students to promote libertarian and conservative ideals on our liberal arts campus. The NeW chapter at the University of Virginia is proud to recognize Jeff not only for his personal achievements, but his willingness to care for others and make each person feel like a personal friend. He is selfless, passionate, dedicated, and a unique representation of what it means to be a gentleman in the modern era.