Jason is kind, generous, loyal and an absolute gentleman in everything that he does. Whether at work, home, church, or just out and about, he always finds ways to serve others.

A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, Jason nows works at the medical device company, CR Bard, in Regulatory Affairs overseeing projects that treat cardiovascular disease. Jason is passionate about leading a healthy and active lifestyle and helping others learn how to better themselves and their health in order to prevent cardiovascular problems in the future.

Another topic that Jason is passionate about is abortion. Voices for the Voiceless is a movement of artists and storytellers reshaping the conversation about abortion in America. Jason, along with his brother, are currently working to fund-raise a starter salary for the young founder of Voices for the Voiceless. Jason has already pledge many of his own personal, hard-earned dollars towards the salary of the founder.

If chosen as the winner, Jason would give the money to help pay for the salary of the soon to be married founder of the Pro-Life group Voices for the Voiceless.