In recent years, the term gentleman has unfortunately been confused with artificial, self-aggrandizing gallantry. However, the true essence of a gentleman embodies sacrifice, excellence, and resolve. This is the type of honorable gentleman that Janson Requist strives to be.

Janson genuinely loves to encourage and strengthen other people, regardless of the sacrifice. He has invested in the lives of people in need without any expectation of reward or recognition. Four years ago, Janson began mentoring a young boy named Joe after the birth of his special-needs sister. Noticing Joe’s need for a brother-like friend during that tumultuous time, Janson reached out to positively influence him by modeling character, work ethic, and social skills. These two guys have such a special friendship, openly discussing their experiences and the role of faith in their lives. Janson’s self-sacrificing compassion and initiative are commendable attributes of a genuine gentleman.

Moreover, because each person is blessed with unique talents, Janson firmly believes that a gentleman has a responsibility to maximize his aptitudes for the service of others. Janson aspires for this excellence in all his endeavors. As a student at Colorado Christian University, Janson pursues opportunities to challenge his learning capacity and develop his skills, whether defending justice and civil rights through CCU’s moot court team or just studying hard to maintain an A average. This drive for excellence follows Janson as a gentleman dedicated to serving his community with purpose and passion.

Most of all, a gentleman must be courageous and resolute in his values. A man who defects from the battle for justice or wearies of serving others loses the right to be called a gentleman. With zeal and tenacity, Janson is active in public service—namely, a political career committed to promoting individual rights and opportunity. Currently, Janson volunteers as a city advisory commissioner and serves as president of a student political activism club. This summer, he is excited about interning in Washington, D.C. to assist a congressman in faithfully serving his constituents. By sacrificing his time and leisure to defend the values he loves, Janson has demonstrated the steadfastness and commitment of a true American gentleman.

Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Being a gentleman is not a fantasy or even a destination: it is a lifestyle. And, it is a lifestyle that Janson Requist wholeheartedly pursues every day. A cheerful and sincere gentleman, Janson is committed to excellently using his God-given gifts to sacrifice for other people.