Jake is the epitome of a gentleman. His mother trained him well in etiquette. There are countless occasions in which I have witnessed him opening doors for sometimes a whole group of ladies. He also won’t even let me walk on the side of the sidewalk where cars go by in order to keep me safe. Jake is so polite when introducing others to new people. He does his very best to make people feel comfortable and important when they are around him. His gift for words and manners has carried him far in life. He is so gifted with this that his father, the NC Lt. Governor, trusts Jake to deliver speeches on his behalf. Comfortable in a suit speaking in front of a large crowd or wearing shorts riding roller coasters, Jake maintains a respectable demeanor that is willing and eager to help all people. His church and Christian faith is the most important thing to him, so Jake supports Compassion Water of Life in order to provide safe drinking water to children and families in need.