Jacob is a true example of what it means to be one of the “leaders and best.” His dedication, passion, and enthusiasm shine through in all of his commitments. When Jacob is not practicing, performing, and sharing his love for music as a devoted member of the Michigan Drumline, he can be found leading campus bible study and community groups for Cru, working diligently to plan meetings and events as the chairman for Young Americans for Freedom, and traveling to attend political and leadership conferences to further his knowledge and passion for politics. In addition to balancing countless commitments, Jacob maintains exemplary grades and serves as a research assistant for a political researcher on campus. He lives life to the fullest every day, sharing his positive attitude and outlook on life with everyone he meets.  Even with an overwhelming amount of commitments through the university, Jacob never fails to put his family and friends at the top of his list of priorities. He truly exemplifies what it means to be a young gentleman.