If one were to ask what the definition of a true gentleman looked like on UNC Charlotte’s campus I would quickly point them in the direction of Garrett White. Garrett was raised on conservative principles and taught proper southern etiquette. He would go out of his way in a heartbeat to help someone and genuinely cares for those around him. Garrett truly is an exceptional individual that stands out from today’s average male college student. His upbeat personality, natural leadership skills and smile make it nearly impossible not to want to be his friend. He was raised in Ellenboro, NC and is now a junior studying Civil Engineering at UNC Charlotte. He is well versed for his age and is bound to succeed in whatever path he pursues after college. He has dedicated a significant portion of his time to giving back in the community and making a political difference. He has actively volunteered at churches, fundraisers, worked to improve schools and helped on political campaigns. In high school he set a record for the amount of money raised for senior projects and gave it to Rutherford County Public Schools.

Garrett was raised as a Baptist and helped with a grocery bag ministry where he delivered food to the underprivileged. He also led youth classes and poured into the lives of others. He received the ROPE scholarship through the Robert and Janice McNair Educational Foundation for completing 120+ volunteer hours and having a 4.25 GPA in high school. Garrett’s interest in politics flourished once he came to college. He founded the first College Republicans chapter at a community college in NC. He is the current recruitment director for NCFCR and is running for NCFCR chairman. This past election cycle he ran grassroots efforts for young people with the Buck Newton campaign. Garrett also worked as a field representative for a political action committee for CRNC Action. He has a bright future ahead of him and will continue to leave a positive impact on people’s lives for years to come. I have no doubts that young men around him look up to him as a model gentleman and strive to emulate his actions. NeW at UNC Charlotte is proud to work closely with Garrett and call him one of our very own. Garrett would be an excellent choice for NeW’s gentleman of the year as he is the embodiment of a southern gentleman.