When I told Gabriel I would nominate him for Gentleman of the Year he was ecstatic. Not merely for vanity’s sake, but for the contribution he chose to direct towards the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Gabriel believes the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital does an extraordinary job in taking care of his 3 year old niece, and wants them to continue doing God’s work.

When it comes to being a gentleman, none is fairer than Gabriel. He continually helps settle disputes among his nieces, and has a positive outlook on life even when times seem to suggest otherwise. Gabriel holds several convictions in the political world, but is respectful in his advocacy for a freer society. Any of his friends can attest towards the loyalty he reserves for them, offering his aide whenever they may need it. His loyalty towards his friends is unmatched, except for the love and respect he holds for his parents. Gabriel cherishes his parents, and their relationship only grows closer as time passes. His life revolves around being a righteous man, and a charitable individual.

In just a words, Gabriel was blessed with a huge heart. I hope you take the time to vote for Gabriel, to be NeW’s Gentleman of the Year Under 30.