“A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.”
-Haruki Murakami
The year is 2018. We as a people are constantly being bombarded with news. Often, this news is not always a good thing. In fact, most of the news we hear is negative and toward the end of 2017, there was story after story of men who used, abused, and mistreated women. None of these men are gentlemen. It is not of a gentleman to misuse his power and status to validate his forcing himself on others. It is, however, of a gentleman to treat everyone around him with respect, to speak intelligently, to bring a sense of calm with him when he enters a room, and to act in a chivalrous manner, no matter whom he is with, no matter the situation. One such gentleman who consummates these chivalrous characteristics is Ethan Dean Van Buskirk.

Ethan is a freshman at Colorado Christian University. Even as a first-year student he has already invested himself in his college community, serving in clubs and campus organizations dedicated to the health and welfare of his campus and surrounding areas. The extent in which Ethan serves every community he is a part of stretches all the way back to elementary school. He has been an advocate and volunteer for organizations such as “The Mission” Soup Kitchen, Cooperative Care, and Care and Share. In just four years Ethan amassed and logged a grand total of over 600 community service hours. In high school, he was voted and selected to serve as the President of three major organization chapters such as the National Honor Society, Distributive Clubs of America, and Schola Cantorum Advanced Mixed Choir in which he focused all the clubs and organizations toward a mindset of servanthood, academic integrity, and honorable prowess in all pursuits. However, any man could volunteer for countless organizations, but still not possess the attitudes and convictions of a gentleman. Mr. Van Buskirk would describe himself as an intentional servant, practicing daily integrity. His servanthood has even been recognized and awarded by various school administrations throughout his career. Ethan is a man of his word and believes that if people cannot trust what you say, then they most certainly will never trust what you do.

Ethan is consistent in his pursuit of service to all those around him. This is the Ethan you will get, day in and day out, whether he is on his way to class, having a conversation with you, or holding the door for you as you make your way in and out of campus buildings. He will greet you with a firm handshake and a look in the eyes. “Chivalry is not dead!” he will joyfully exclaim if someone makes a friendly comment about his service. Chivalry most certainly is not dead, and Ethan is a pertinent example. Ethan is often found to be a soft-spoken person, yet he still is able to lead those around him. Why is this? If you had the chance to get to know Ethan, you would undoubtedly come to find out that he is a leader not only by the words he speaks but through the lifestyle he leads. He despises arrogance yet exudes confidence. He is the genuine article; the real deal. And he takes satisfaction in this.