My brother Eli did not go to college, he didn’t take the SATs or aspire to be something he knew he didn’t want to be. Instead, he’s following a passion for the growing fair trade coffee industry. He is currently the Head Roaster fofor Peaks Coffee Company, a small business dedicated to creating the best tasting naturally roasted fair trade coffee in Upstate NY. A few weeks ago, he became SCA certified in Coffee Roasting and the chemistry of coffee making. He will be taking the advanced certification next month, putting him an a fantastic marketable position. Additionally, he is a kind and gentle brother who is still involved with the lives of our youngest siblings (Silas, 4 and Abraham, 8). Yes I’m his sister, and this could be seen as awkward. But really, I’m proud of my little brother. He’s a gentlemen, a hard worker, and a family man—all by age 21!