Dylan is the definition of a gentleman. In 2014, he was named Abilene Christian University’s honor man for his character, humility, and scholastic excellence. After graduating from college, Dylan took a job at a local store so he could spend time mentoring and tutoring middle school and high school boys before and after work. Now in law school, he continues to live out his life motto: “Love God. Love others.” Just last month, Dylan spent a weekend at a camp serving food to 150+ middle school and high school students. Dylan daily treats everyone around him with kindness and respect, especially women. After going on two dates (a thing he rarely did because of his standards!) with a girl in college, he called her months later to apologize for never clarifying his intentions and making it clear to her he was no longer interested. A week after his first date with his now girlfriend, her roommate was hospitalized due to a bad car accident. Since his girlfriend refused to leave her hospitalized roommate to go on a date, Dylan brought dinner to the hospital. Dylan has a unique gift of knowing how to respect females in a way that empowers women without compromising his chivalrous nature. He is a man of great character and would be a worthy recipient of this award.