It is a rare privilege to know a man who is a true gentleman. I’m lucky enough to have married one. David Stoffey is a man who honors God and his family above all else. He’s the kind of man who is honest even when no one is watching. He is a man who is humble and discreet when he does something worthy of praise so I’m here to brag about him because I’m not as humble as he is.

David is currently a graduate student at the Institute of World Politics studying International Affairs. While he’s in school full-time he also manages to work full time at the Charles Koch Foundation. On top of his busy schedule he has found time to volunteer in various capacities.

With so much hostility towards refugees in the previous months David decided that he would lead as an example to his friends and mentor a refugee family from South Sudan. While this has sparked debate with some of his closest friends, David has remained steadfast in his belief that human life is valuable no matter who you are or where you’re from. One evening he received a message from the family saying their four-year-old daughter had broken her arm and was at the hospital. David rushed to her side and stayed with the girl and her father for 14 hours through the night to help them navigate the medical system.

At church David has the responsibility of working with a young special needs boy. David and Raj (pictured above) have become best of friends. David never fails to be patient or persistent with Raj, on both good days and bad. It’s tender to watch David in this selfless paternal role.

I could tell story after story of David’s character, but I’ll end with this. I know a man who values selflessness over selfishness, who chooses humility over praise, who believes in integrity over indecency, and man who seeks God over glory.