Cory is the definition of a gentleman. While being a sergeant in the Army, he is constantly available for other soldiers when they need his help — whether that be car rides or helping them fix their car, and he never seeks monetary compensation. When he’s home, he loves watching his nieces while his brother and mother are either at work or have to run errands and he drives his grandmother to church. As my fiancé, he gives me unconditional love and support, and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

When I told Cory that I was nominating him, he was very ecstatic; he is always looking for ways to help others and thinks of himself last. Whenever anyone needs a volunteer or help, he is always the first one to step up. Friendship to Cory has no boundaries as he is quick to form relationships with anyone who passes through his life.

The charity he has chosen, USO, is one of personal significance for Cory. Being a service member, he knows that morale is important, especially for those serving overseas. USO is able to provide support for military personnel and their families in a variety of ways, and those extra support systems can mean a great difference for those who need it.