Conrad Pogorzelski is a junior at UNC Charlotte majoring in Political Science. He is involved on the UNC Charlotte campus through Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as well as College Republicans – holding Presidential positions for both. Conrad exhibits community outreach through getting involved in numerous campaigns, but currently holds the Political Director position for the local campaign, Mark Harris for Congress.

Working closely with leaders for several years has given Conrad the exemplary leadership skills he utilizes everyday. His work ethic and selflessness is striving to improve his community is outstanding. He puts others before himself only to better his surroundings. Treating everyone with respect and kindness, Conrad truly has a good heart and serves the prime example of a modern day “gent”.

Conrad believes that being a gentleman means to be confident, curious, and caring. He’s always been interested in getting involved in the community and putting his best foot forward – politics has helped him realize different ways to go about that. He grew up in a Christian home just south of Charlotte which taught him to be gentle, kind, and considerate. Everyday, he displays those characteristics. Putting others before himself betters him in the end.