I first met Connor while working on Senator Rand Paul’s reelection campaign. While most of us were on the campaign from the beginning, Connor joined toward the end and miraculously didn’t miss a beat. He came into the campaign with determination and a strong worth ethic. The campaign would not have been as successful without him.

His first week on the job was one of the hardest weeks I had on the campaign. I was stressed beyond compare. I remember I left my desk for a meeting, and when I came back he had brought me lunch. He hardly knew me, but he wanted to make my day a little better. A few months later, my car broke down on the side of I-95. I called a half a dozen people and no one would help me. Connor answered right away and jumped in his car without batting an eye to help, even though I was 45 minutes away and it was during rush hour traffic. This is the kind of person Connor is. He always puts others before himself and he does not hesitate to help someone in need.

A gentleman is defined as “a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man” and that is exactly what Connor is.