Collin is a Gentleman in all that he does, and has been lovingly at my side for three years. We are halfway through our second year of college in a long distance relationship, and his faithfulness, devotion, and effort he puts into making this work is more than a testament to his good nature already.
I dealt with a lot of bullying my senior year of high school, and Collin put everything on the line to stand up for me. Those days of eating alone in the guidance office weren’t so lonely with Collin by my side.
Collin never lets the romance die. We’re three years strong and I am still always surprised by his sweet gestures, homemade dinners, and little notes.
I always say you can tell a man by the way he treats his mother, and Collin is always right there whenever she needs him. He treats her like a queen, helping around the house whenever he is home from school and treating her to kitchen gear and a vacuum cleaner.