Cole Strickland is a junior at UNC Charlotte majoring in Accounting within the Belk College of Business. When he isn’t hitting the books, he can be found on the baseball field playing second Catcher and managing the team. Involved in Greek Life through Alpha Tau Omega, Cole shares his warmth towards what it means to be considerate to others.

From Evergreen, North Carolina, Cole was raised in a Southern and simple household focusing on respect and working hard. Taking nothing for granted, Cole treats everyone equally while picking out and amplifying the strengths in their personality. With that, being a strong willed and strong minded gentleman is definitely one of Cole’s strengths.

Cole thinks of himself as a “Southern ‘Gent” with the traits of honor, respect, and integrity that are a direct result from his upbringing. He believes in good manners, “yes ma’am” and “no sir” and treating others with respect. Keeping his word is something he holds close to heart. By combining all of these things and respecting his elders, Cole is an exemplary gentleman.