Cody is a smart, thoughtful man that has dedicated his entire life to help his community. He is currently the Assistant Marketing Director at 2LiveBeyond Initiative, which is a non-profit organization that provides financial stability to underprivileged children. He also served his community back home in CT as a police cadet for several years.

Cody is also a committed conservative activist. He is founder and chairman of the Coastal Carolina Conservatives, which promotes activism on the Coastal Carolina University campus. Cody has lead the Coastal Carolina Conservatives in several efforts on campus included free speech promotion and counter protesting BLM. He has also worked as the Millennial Liaison for Marco Rubio’s SC 7th Congressional district office and served as Deputy Campaign Manager and Advisor to Scott Pyle during his run for SC State Senate in Spring 2016. Cody is currently working with State Representative Russel Fry in passing a bill that will allow campus carry in South Carolina.

After seeing these poor policies hurt his home state of Connecticut, he was motivated to get involved in politics. Getting involved is his way of fighting for his generation’s American dream. A focus of his is to get the millennial generation involved in conservative politics and educating other millennials on conservatism. He firmly and proudly believes that a strong national defense, economic freedom and our nation’s founding values are the key to our nation’s future. After graduating he plans to further his education and stay politically active.

Cody also had the honor of being the first president of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Colony and to serve as the fraternity educator and on the executive committee. In conjunction with the members of Lambda Chi Alpha, Cody continues to participate and organize efforts to promote and raise money for their philanthropy Feeding America.

He is currently a senior studying Political Science with a minor in Intelligence and National Security at Coastal Carolina University.