Chris is a sophomore Political Science major at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Being a member of the Temple College Republicans and the Philadelphia Young Republicans, Chris is passionate about promoting conservative ideals on Temple’s campus and in the greater Philadelphia community. Other than College Republicans, Chris is heavily involved with Temple University’s choral program and is a member of several other performance organizations on campus.

From a very early age, Chris learned the importance of the Golden Rule. Every day he strives to treat others with respect, whether that is holding the door for people, talking with people about their struggles, or doing things to help others in need. In Chris’s eyes, a gentleman is a man who puts others before himself and experiences happiness by making others happy. With the world being how it is today, Chris thinks that more people ought to see the value of honesty and personal compassion, and he tries to perpetuate these values in his everyday life. In the future, Chris wishes to dedicate his life to public service as an attorney.

If Chris wins College Gentleman of the Year, he would like the donation to be given to the Wounded Warrior Project because he feels that today’s veterans need more support in order to reacclimate to civilian life.