Charlie Gers is a junior Economics major at The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN. There, he is a News Editor for the Minnesota Republic, a conservative libertarian magazine circulated in the Twin Cities. He is a Campus Coordinator for Students For Liberty, a network of liberty minded students from all across the globe. Charlie is very passionate about SFL and strives to be the best leader of liberty possible. He is also a Campus Ambassador for The Foundation for Economic Education. FEE is an organization that informs young people about the values of a free market and economics in general. Charlie’s most recent achievement was being a candidate for mayor of Minneapolis. While he did not win the race, the campaign was certainly a success in the name of liberty.

Above all else, Charlie is a respectful and compassionate man. Everyday he helps others before even himself. After meeting him only once you will know him to be a polite and gentlemanly human being.

If Charlie wins College Gentleman of the Year 2018, he would like to donate the winnings to The Institute for Justice. The IJ is a law firm that seeks to limit the size of government and their powers in order to guarantee the rights and freedoms of all Americans. This is undoubtedly the belief that Charlie is most passionate about in his life.