Bryant Howard is a man who loves hockey, dogs and his country. He is intelligent, funny and grounded. But his defining qualities lie in the way he embodies the definition of gentleman, a chivalrous, courteous, honorable man. He treats everyone with respect and strives to make everyone feel valued and appreciated. He is the person who will stay back to hold the door open for strangers and take the time to listen to anything you want to say. Bryant does everything in his power to help those around him and any problem he can’t fix, he does everything in his power to help people through. His very nature is to put others first and it shows in everything that he does.

When he isn’t studying or spending time with friends, Bryant dedicates his time to his community. Perhaps most dear to his heart, Bryant commits much of his time and talents to his church. He has contributed his musical skills to weekly services for eight years and he helps where he is needed from kids programs to grounds projects. He also spent years tutoring at risk of failing middle schoolers in any subject that they struggled with while also working to be a positive role model for the middle schoolers.

In his years with the Boy Scouts, Bryant spent a lot of time in service. Among the community, camp, and church clean ups, homeless shelter and church projects, he stayed true to his patriotic ideals by organizing and implementing a huge flagpole replacement program for a small private school in his hometown as part of his Eagle Scout Project. The original flagpole was across the street from the campus and was quite old and surrounded by trees that would snag the flag, but the school couldn’t afford to replace or move it. Students had been hit by cars when crossing the road and injured when attempting to climb the pole to detangle the flag from the tree limbs. Bryant fundraised resources to design a large garden on the school property and install a new hurricane grade pole, away from tall trees and the busy street, creating a safer environment for the students, as well a community area to gather.

Bryant is the gentleman that stands out in a 21st century world of self focus by turning his attention to those individuals and the world around him. His loving, respecting, nature and time volunteered giving back to the community speak louder than my words here ever will.