Bryan is the most gentlemanly person I have ever met. He is kind, and gentle, and compassionate towards others. He makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world when they’re talking to him. I met Bryan during our freshman year at Patrick Henry College. We quickly became inseparable and (I’ll admit) he was friendzoned pretty hard. However, he never let that deter him from being an amazing friend to me, even if that was all he’d ever get to be. He was the sweetest person, to everyone around him, and would go out of his way to ask people how they were doing and catch up with them. I’ll never forget how many times I found out after the fact that he had done kind things for others, even though he never get recognition for it. From the time I heard that he’d brought medicine to a friend no one knew was sick, to the time he tutored another student in a class no one knew they were having trouble in. Over time, I realized that I actually had feelings for this guy, and I decided to let him know. Turns out, Bryan had been in love with me from the day we met, but he had never told me, he just remained my quiet, steadfast friend. He said that he hadn’t wanted to tell me about his feelings because he knew it would be selfish at the time, as it was obvious I didn’t feel the same way at the time. How sweet is that! Fast forward three years and Bryan and I have been happily married for almost 8 months. We love each other more and more every day, and when we have children, I hope I have a son that grows up to be just like him.