Brandon is absolutely amazing, I’m probably biased because he’s my best friend and husband but he truly is a gentlemen. His heart is so full of love and care for his loved ones, but it doesn’t stop there he is always looking for ways to lend a hand and help others. He’s as sweet and kind as they come. In our relationship, the majority of the time he’s trying to make me laugh or atleast get a smile with his cheesy jokes. Everyday that I have known him and with everyday that passes he continues to surprise me, whether it’s holding the door for strangers, opening the car door for me, making dinner, or putting the dishes away. I know that sounds “typical” but those things seem to be disappearing nowadays and with Brandon they are still alive and well!

A large part of Brandon’s life is his faith in Christ, the Lord has called him to be a youth pastor at a church in Pennsylvania. He has a huge heart for working with students and leading them to the Lord. The way he can connect with our students and even our youth leaders blows my mind every week. His wisdom, character, integrity, kindness, generosity, and care for people are truly from the Lord and just pour out of him.

I think he’s a pretty awesome husband and pastor. So he’s got my vote!