“I’m very excited to be nominated for the Gentleman’s Showcase for NeW. This Showcase is important because more and more recently prominent men in the world are acting less and less like gentlemen. I feel it’s important to value being a gentleman, and to foster all the qualities that go along with being a gentleman, because those qualities are needed today.

Probably the biggest mark of a gentleman is genuineness. Forcing emotions is not only dishonest, but also detrimental to both the one forcing the emotions, and the recipient as well. A gentleman should want to make the lives of those around him better, and he should genuinely want it, and it should come from the heart.

Gentlemen in relationships should prioritize their partner. He should take care of his partner, and do everything in his capacity to make them feel appreciated, cherished, and loved. If single, a gentleman should treat all he comes across with respect, and dignity.

Gentlemen should be humble of themselves and proud of their friends. They should be quick to smile and slow to anger. They should try to help whenever they’re needed. Situations will arise when nothing can be done, that’s when they listen with a sympathetic ear.

I am not the perfect gentleman by any means. But working through life with this as my template, I know I’m on track to becoming one.” ~Bailey Boyer, Nominee