In today’s society, coming across a gentleman is few and far between. However, there are certain young men that stand out to me as a college female, one being my dear friend, Andrew Cooper. Andrew, whom we call Cooper, is a young man that is dedicated to improving everything, and everyone, around him. He personally has helped me in my acedemics by taking a few hours out of his week to help me better understand statistics. With a major in finance and a minor in mathematics, Cooper is one busy individual. Yet, on top of his own studies he is also a peer tutor in statistics, mathematics, and accounting for our athletes.

As a member of Sigma Chi fraternity, he also holds an executive position, New Member Educator, that is dedicated to mentoring new members. Cooper is an excellent example of what it means to be a Sigma Chi and strongly upholds their values. With this position he has traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for a conference as to how to mentor the new members in the most effective way possible.

Not only is Cooper scholastically motivated, he is also an avid church-goer. Every Sunday morning you can find Cooper at the St. Lawrence Catholic Church. With his church he often volunteers with organizations such as Feed My Starving Children and Loaves and Fishes. He is the president of the club “Christians United for Israel” where he facilitates his peers in networking and supporting local Jewish communities. With this position he has traveled to San Antonio, Texas and also Washington D.C. for conferences.

In his community, Cooper is actively involved in politics. He regularly attends GOP meetings, and is an avid supporter of the Republican party. Cooper hopes to one day be more involved in politics and may potentially run for a position in the senate. He hopes his finance and mathematical background will prepare him to think more logically about any situation that will arise in his lifetime. Also, he hopes to better understand the fiscal side of politics.

Overall, Andrew Cooper is one of the most well-rounded gentleman to have come into my life. He is someone I know I can turn to in a time of need, whether that is in my personal or professional life. Cooper is always willing to offer a helping hand. He is a role model for all of the gentleman in his fraternity. His polite nature goes above and beyond most people his age, even those who are older than him. Cooper is an excellent candidate for this award and beyond deserving of holding this title.