The CNU Chapter of the Network of the enlightened Women focuses on creating relationships with young men who would make our organization better. We believe that a gentlemen is defined as someone who is involved on our campus, represents CNU in the most positive light, and presents himself well. Alexander is extremely involved on CNU’s campus. He is a Music Major with a strong passion for the piano. He idolizes Billy Joel.

After months of injury, Alex is now competitively running for the CNU Varsity Men’s Cross Country team. He often says that in high school, music was his release from running, but now that he is dedicated to his music career, running is his release. We became friends through running and that relationship has always been special to me.

Alex is also a member of ROTC and has aspirations to become a pianist in the Army Band.

Alex is one of my favorite people! He always makes me smile and laugh. His friendship means a lot to me and has honestly made much of my CNU experience. I consider him to be one of my closest friends. His utmost dedication, motivation, and love to music, friends, and family is what I value the most in him. In many ways he is an inspiration and I could not think of anyone to fully define what a gentleman is!