Anyone who has ever met Alec Dent can attest to his gentlemanly nature. But even those who have never met him can still easily find evidence of it. Alec is an active freelance writer whose work has appeared at The Federalist, National Review Online, and The Washington Free Beacon, among others. And over the course of his journalistic career, Alec has written articles defending manners, fashion, and language as ways in which people can show respect to one another. In an article for the Free Beacon, Alec tackled the subject of manliness, arguing that his hero Cary Grant epitomizes masculinity because he represents the gentlemanly ideal.

But Alec does more than just consider the subject in the abstract, living by the principles he promotes through his writing. His etiquette, style, and speech are as decorous as you’d expect from someone who idolizes Cary Grant. He is courteous and kind in all that he does, seeking to show respect to those around him in every way possible. His pursuit of this mission can be seen in his extracurricular activities as well. Through his role as executive vice-chairman of UNC College Republicans, editor-in-chief of UNC’s conservative publication, and editorial board member of UNC’s student newspaper Alec has worked to engender civility in our campus political dialogue, which so often falls to vulgarity and rudeness.

If selected as NeW’s Gentleman of the Year, Alec will donate the $1,000 to the Southeastern Family Violence Center of Lumberton, North Carolina, his hometown. The Violence Center is a shelter for victims of spousal and family violence, and Alec’s family has made continued donations to help with its mission since they became aware of its presence in their community while working on his older brother’s Eagle Scout project around 10 years ago.