“We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” For those who may to know, that is the motto of the Ritz-Carlton. There is one employee who embodies the motto in every aspect of his life. Adam Reiter works at the Ritz-Carlton Naples, and is the definition of an all-American gentlemen. Beginning with his love for all American brands such as Ralph Lauren and Disney, Adam strives to be a gentlemen in all aspects of his life. His gentleman ways go beyond the walls of the Ritz-Carlton. He is always dressed properly, is humble and grateful with everyone he meets, and respects not only himself but others as well. Not only is he respectful of everyone he meets, he also is extremely thoughtful and caring towards his friends, family and even strangers. The way in which Adam carries himself is memorable, to all who meet him. Adam is a perfect embodiment of a modern, all-American Gentleman.