Adam is a perfect gentleman. He is a solid Christian man with a deep respect for women and his fellow man. Adam is self-disciplined and driven to better himself. He reached the level of Spaatz Cadet in Civil Air Patrol in high school. He also was the Cadet Commander for the Connecticut Wing Encampment for Civil Air Patrol. This required him to lead the entire boot-camp style civilian encampment and address all cadet issues, both male and female, with fairness, patience, and respect. His leadership skills have been tested and honed over his years in Civil Air Patrol. He is now a senior member and is also a college student working on his Bachelors degree at Central Connecticut State University, where he completed the Honors Program for a full four-year tuition scholarship. He has a very close relationship with his younger sister Sarah, who loves to compete with him on video games and share music with him. He has an abiding love for memes, film photography, God, and his family.