Gentlemen for Life

By Meg McEwen, NeW intern

A growing number of men are psychologically distancing themselves from the responsibilities, involvement, and joy associated with family. Such a fact is not surprising, considering the liberal, mainstream ideas about “fatherhood.” What really is surprising is the increasing number of men who are willing to talk about the issue.

NeW provides a tangible way to reintegrate fatherhood into the family through its annual Gentlemen Showcase, occurring this spring. The Gentlemen Showcase promotes and encourages gentlemanly lifestyle, giving a national shout-out to men who show that Chivalry is alive and well. Many past Showcase winners have or want children and describe themselves first and foremost as gentlemen in their households, as dads. By increasing attention to the role of a gentleman, the Gentlemen Showcase encourages responsible fatherhood that is key to the prolife movement.

As more dads go M.I.A, the pressing issue of fatherhood cannot be ignored. Vincent DiCaro, Chief Outreach Officer at Christian crisis pregnancy center Care Net, has a front row seat to the fragmentation of the family in society. “There is a temptation for men to give up, to step back and feel this sense of shame,” DiCaro says, “But the reality is that we need the opposite to happen: we need the good guys to stand up and show what gentlemanly behavior is by avoiding the temptation to check out of the issue.”

Vincent DiCaro at 2018 March for Life

When Vincent DiCaro left the National Fatherhood Initiative to work at Care Net, he realized that the organizations dealt with two sides of the same coin. Though the National Fatherhood Initiative promotes responsible fatherhood and the Care Net provides resources for pregnant women, the target group of both organizations remains the same: the kids.

DiCaro believes that gentlemen are the missing link. “The abortion problem is a marriage problem,” says DiCaro. The Guttmacher Institute’s 2014 Abortion Patient Survey reports that 86% of the women who choose to abort are unmarried. If you assumed that Care Net exclusively serves women clients, you would be wrong. In fact, DiCaro reports that the number of male clients at Care Net nearly doubled from 2008-2016. Care Net allocates resources towards the underrepresented half in in crisis pregnancy situations – the fathers. The program equips men rhetorically and programmatically, encouraging a wholistic view of family.  Such materials and resources are sent to over 1100 participating facilities.

Care Net’s wholistic, biblical perspective of family has received its fair share of backlash from the liberal media. One Huffington Post review of a pro-choice documentary says, “Misrepresenting themselves as abortion providers using manipulative tactics like engineering their pages to show up in online searches for “pregnancy symptoms” or situating themselves next to abortion clinics, CPCs reel women in under false pretenses.” Read a gutsy response article by Care Net’s CEO, Roland C. Warren, here.

More gentlemen are rallying to the cause as Care Net increasingly targets its services towards men. DiCaro is not the only gentleman working at the Care Net headquarters. Recently, his Care Net location sailed from zero male employees to eight. The spiking number of male clients across the board are being matched by the number of gentlemen reaching out to them.

Support the pro-life movement today by plugging into NeW’s Gentlemen Showcase. NeW’s Gentleman Showcase encourages responsible fatherhood, which in turn benefits families and children.

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