Chapter Spotlight: NeW at University of South Florida

This month, NeW caught up with the women from NeW at the University of South Florida. Learn about the great work these women are doing on campus from their e-board members.

Why is NeW important to your chapter?
NeW has been an asset to the conservative women at USF. Our chapter has provided an outlet for meaningful discussions about politics and culture amongst our peers.

What kind of impact has your chapter had on campus?
We believe that our chapter’s impact has stretched far beyond our university and throughout the Tampa area as we often socialize with NeW at the University of Tampa.

Additionally, our meetings have been centered around our conservative principles, such as the rights of the unborn. Our pro-life vs. pro-choice meeting exhibited to our peers that pro-lifers do care about the mothers and children after birth, a common misconception. We also fundraised for Operation Christmas Child this fall to give back!

What has been your chapter’s favorite event to host and why?
Our favorite event was when we hosted Morgan Zegers, founder of Young Americans Against Socialism! Morgan spent over an hour educating us on the fundamentals of socialism and why its support is rapidly increasing. Concluding her presentation, she answered questions for 30 minutes! It was a privilege to have her as our very first speaker of the year.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a chapter on their campus?
Our advice to those starting a chapter would be to get connected to your other executive board members as soon as you can. It’s important to develop a relationship with them since you all will be working as a team! Also, have courage and don’t fear the Left’s backlash on campus. You would be surprised by how large the silent majority really is.

Learn how you can get involved with the chapter on your campus or find out how you can bring NeW to your school. Contact us if you have any questions.



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