Chapter Spotlight: NeW at Christendom College

NeW caught up with the women from NeW at Christendom College. Learn about the great work these women are doing on campus from their e-board members.

Why is NeW important to your chapter?
Women come to our meetings because they encounter something different than what they normally see on campus. We always try to come up with interesting topics to discuss that are beyond what you would hear in the classroom. Being a small college of only 550 students, there tend to be a lot of cliques on campus, but at the meetings, women from different friend groups come, which is really refreshing. It has been really good to connect women who normally would never talk to each other.

What kind of impact has your chapter had on campus?
A consistent group of women have been coming to the meetings, and we feel that this is a safe space where any woman can feel welcome. Being a part of this chapter also allows these women to contribute to conversations they wouldn’t normally contribute to.

What has been your chapter’s favorite event/meeting to host and why?
While we have only been on campus for one semester, the meeting that really stuck out was discussing Abigail Shrier’s video on transgenderism. We decided to bake pizza for the event and almost set the fire alarms off because one pizza got a little burnt. It was really funny, and even though the room smelled like smoke, we all had such a good time. Everyone chipped in by opening windows and fanning the smoke out. It was a hilarious bonding moment for the chapter.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a chapter on their campus?
Do not be afraid. Before every meeting, we are always nervous that no one will show up. But we have been shocked by the great attendance, the enthusiasm of the women, and support from faculty and staff. Being involved in something that is meaningful to the campus has been a great opportunity.

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