How to Network in the Workplace

Many people think about networking to get a job, but what do you do once you’ve got it? Spoiler alert: networking in the workplace is just as important as networking outside work! Done well, networking at work can be a boost to your career and a great way to build meaningful, professional relationships. Here are […]

Democracy Dies in Groupthink; Speak up and Join the Debate

This piece originally appeared in Speech First on September 23, 2022. Tennessee is one of the few states that requires a lawyer to have worked full-time if she wants to practice as a licensed attorney without having to retake a bar examination. That means when a part-time lawyer moves from another state to Tennessee, that attorney […]

6 Tips for Preparing to Live on Your Own by Alice Seeley

Moving out is an important moment in one’s life. As someone who moved across the country for college, I can tell you it’s scary but exciting at the same time. Here are a few tips to help you prepare to live on your own.  Tip #1: Purge Your Closet to Lighten the Load  Moving is […]

NeW Empowerment Forum: Grow Your Skills and Positively Impact Your Campus

Wish you could more effectively persuade your peers to listen to independent points of view? When it can seem like most young people are progressive, how can you win over your peers’ hearts and minds? Do you want to be a positive force on your campus, welcoming more individuals into the conservative movement? Are you […]

Start a NeW Chapter

Be a Leader You can encourage other women to share their voice, tell their story and stand up for their beliefs. How? Start a NeW chapter! For only $5 a year, be part of a network that will foster your professional development! NeW is the nation’s premier organization for conservative university women. NeW educates young women […]

How NeW Inspired Me to Stand Up for My Beliefs on Campus: Taylor Roth

Hear from Taylor Roth, a chapter founder at the University of Florida, about how NeW has empowered her to stand firm in her conservative beliefs on a liberal campus.   It is no surprise that college campuses throughout America are becoming echo-chambers for leftist political views and doctrine. Since my senior year in high school, I […]

NeW at University of Florida Hosts Nonie Darwish

Written By: Molly Hodges     “Peace was never an option. We never talked about peace.” Ms. Nonie Darwish stirred the audience with vivid memories about her life under Sharia Law. Ms. Darwish is an Egyptian-American, author, and survivor of an oppression in the Middle East. Her personal story is nothing short of amazing. Nonie […]

“Charting Modern Feminism” with NeW at FGCU

By Sophia Studer, President of NeW at FGCU The Emily Jashinsky Event, “Charting Modern Feminism,” was a great success. Florida Gulf Coast University’s chapter was able to go to dinner with Emily and talk about subjects ranging from politics, to The Office, and everything in between. The dinner was a great way to get to know […]

Bring NeW to your Campus (3 Steps!)

Ready to learn how to successfully counter modern feminism and speak up for conservative values on campus? Bring NeW to your campus today. We’ve streamlined the process down to three easy steps to make it easy for you to make an impact. Questions? Email [email protected]    Step 1: Sign Up    Fill out our Prospective […]

NeW Chapter Mash: NeW at GCC and Pittsburgh

On Saturday, February 3, Grove City College and the University of Pittsburgh’s NeW chapters met up at the Fudge Farm in Pittsburgh. It was a night full of laughter and fellowship between conservative women. As soon as we got there, we bonded over our milkshakes and then started discussing all the hot topics, including, gay marriage, […]