#ShesConservative Is Here

#ShesConservative in September This September the #ShesConservative campaign will once again shatter the idea people have about conservatives. Young women across the country are proud to be conservative and it’s time we stand up and proudly exclaim, “This Is What A Conservative Looks Like. Get involved in just 4 steps. “This Is What A Conservative Looks Like” shirt. Get […]

Work Hard and Be Nice: Key Advice from Kate Klunk

Pennsylvania State Representative Kate Klunk was keynote speaker at NeW’s Young Women’s Leadership Retreat. Klunk encouraged listeners to be politically active in their communities, and to run for office. She also offered advice for succeeding professionally, and becoming a strong female leader. Representative Kate Klunk shared her life mantra: Work hard and be nice. From […]

What College Students Say About Their Campuses When They’re Allowed To Be Honest

The gathering of college women’s single most important message was on the importance of free speech, including a defense of independent thought and respectful dialogue across political divides. By Melissa Langsam Braunstein – Originally posted on The Federalist As far back as 1965, George Harrison urged his listeners, “Think for yourself.” That was good, countercultural advice at the […]