Brunch Recap: Religious Freedom and Women

By Brianna Howard, NeW at Catholic University

Lou Ann Sabatier with NeW women

Each time I attend a NeW event, I’m reminded of the power of each letter in our organization’s name. Network. Enlightened. Women. At the last leadership brunch on April 14 at City Tap House in Washington, DC, NeW hosted Lou Ann Sabatier. Lou Ann is the Director of Communications for 21Wilberforce and an all around incredible woman who has dedicated her career to advocating for international religious freedom. She truly embodies each word that makes up NeW. Her charisma and inquisitive nature have helped her build an impressive network in communications and advocacy. Her passion and fortitude for standing up for religious freedom left each attendee feeling empowered and enlightened. But, most notably, the stories she told of amazing women around the world left an impact that is not easily forgotten.

As we enjoyed a delicious brunch, Lou Ann reminded us of why standing up for what is right and being a voice for good are two of the most fulfilling objectives we can have as women. After answering our questions, she then joined us and asked each NeW member at the table, “what is your passion?” The variety of interests and talents of each woman in attendance left me awed. I am continually humbled to be part of an organization whose membership includes such hardworking and inspiring conservatives, the leadership brunch was just another reminder of that.



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