Intern Spotlight: Virginia King

Meet Virginia King, our summer Chapters Intern! Virginia is a freshman at Texas State University.   Q: How did you hear about NeW?   I first heard about NeW at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit in the summer of 2023. NeW had a booth in the exhibitor’s hall, and I was immediately drawn to […]

Intern Spotlight: Chloe Collins

Meet Chloe Collins, our summer Communications Intern! Chloe is a senior at Texas A&M.   Q: How did you hear about NeW?   I first heard about NeW when a recruiter contacted me about starting a chapter. As a member of a few conservative groups on campus, I was thrilled to help establish a NeW chapter.   Q: […]

Finding Faith-Based Community in College

As a recent graduate from Texas Tech University, I have been reflecting on my time in college and the connections I made there. What impacted my experience away from home at a four-year university? Undoubtedly, the number one factor driving my success in college was obedience to God and fellowship with other Christians.   In You’re […]

Reflection of the Soul: Why true beauty is about whats on the inside.

The media is flush with commentary on beauty: what makes a woman beautiful, how to be more beautiful, what “kind” of beautiful you are, and how little beauty allegedly remains in the world. Taylor Swift has been viciously mocked for being “ugly” (on what planet?), and Margot Robbie has been called “mid” (as if)…  We […]