Ameshia Cross is a leader in advocacy, public policy and progressive politics. Currently a liberal commentator for the Sinclair Broadcast Group, Cross writes and produces her own show, Cross Point, featuring daily commentary on hot button political issues. She has experience across many policy arenas. At the Pretrial Justice Institute Ameshia leads state policy and coalition engagement for bail reform throughout the country.

Cross is often cited in education circles for her work in  P-12 and higher education,  where she has developed innovative strategies for Congressional leadership, school districts, and local governments.

No stranger to community organizing she led the summer fellowship program for Organizing for America, President Obama’s flagship non-profit training young progressive leaders in advocacy and community action.

Cross also led advocacy efforts for the sanctuary movement to limit local law enforcement from actions based on immigration status, and delivered testimony before Congress on gun policy.

A Chicago native, Cross has worked as a campaign consultant and a communications lead for elected officials at the city and state levels. She also was a White House fellow and served as an editorial staffer for former Vice President Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth. In addition, Cross has worked with progressive organizations that include the National Urban League, the Truman National Security Project, the Rainbow Push Coalition, and the NAACP.

She has appeared on CNN, C-SPAN, the Armstrong Williams Show, America this Week, Roland Martin Unfiltered and delivers a weekly commentary for WVON1690 AM in Chicago.

Cross holds a B.A. in political science and journalism from Belmont University and a master’s in public administration from Roosevelt University.