Red Alert Politics Names Amelia Irvine to 2018 30 Under 30

The Red Alert Politics annual “30 Under 30” list “highlights young, right-of-center leaders who are making an exceptional impact in their communities or on their campuses”. NeW Georgetown Co-President, Amelia Irvine, was one of the 30 individuals honored this year!

“I am incredibly thankful for all the organizations that have invested in me over the past few years, one of which is the Network of enlightened Women. The conservative movement benefits when NeW elevates and empowers young women.” ~ Amelia

An award-winning activist and writer studying economics and government at Georgetown University, Amelia led the pro-family student group Love Saxa last year through vitriolic student protests and school-sponsored hearings which targeted the group’s views on gender and sexuality. Amelia writes about this and other experiences as a NeW leader in our She’s Conservative essay book.



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