Amber Downer serves as NeW’s Program Manager, focusing primarily on the Young Women’s Leadership Retreat, Quarterly Book Brunches, and the Anniversary Dinner. Amber’s passion for conservatism started in 1992, when her mother took her to her first political rally for George H.W. Bush’s re-election, and she has been a strong advocate for conservative principles ever since. During college, Amber worked on the reelection campaign for President George W. Bush and then, the following year, served as an intern in the White House Office of Media Affairs. After graduating from college, Amber worked in the Bush Administration as a Political Appointee in the Commerce Department and then as a staffer in the White House Office of Communications for Policy and Planning. After President Bush left office, Amber moved several times with her Marine husband and worked on various political campaigns as a consultant and fundraiser. Amber is excited to be a part of NeW after taking several years off of work to care for her three children.