Allie Stuckey Meets NeW at Cornell

By Neetu Chandak

Allie Stuckey, otherwise known as The Conservative Millennial, visited Cornell University on March 12  to discuss what the “Future of Free Speech on College Campuses” may look like. With conservative voices often shut down and viewed as “immoral,” Stuckey alluded that this “thought control,” could ultimately be the downfall of progress in our societies. However, her message to young conservatives was to keep talking, keep researching, and to keep going.

Many members of the audience asked questions surrounding hate speech, overcoming thought control, and venturing into academia while forwarding conservative views. Stuckey answered tactfully and many audience members felt heard.

Stuckey was the inaugural speaker for Cornell’s chapter of NeW. The event would not be possible without the generous help of the Triad Foundation.



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