Statement of Principles

Network of Enlightened Women Statement of Principles

At NeW, we are grateful to live in  the  most prosperous and free country in  the  world. We are empowered, strong women. We speak out against a false sense of victimhood. We are thoughtful. We support intellectual diversity and the free competition  of  ideas  on  campus and beyond. We provide an alternative to modern feminism that has been taken over  by  progressives and doesn’t allow  for  disagreement or different perspectives. We respect all that women do as professionals, mothers, and wives. We want women to build  their lives as they see fit, recognizing that their priorities might change, and government action shouldn’t get in  the  way. We are united as pro-liberty women, believing it is important to vigilantly protect our basic freedoms. We reject overregulation and recognize  the  negative consequences  of  progressive big government policies. We believe in personal responsibility and  the  importance  of  strong families and communities  for  a healthy society. We work to strengthen civil society. We believe in equality  of  the  sexes. We value mutual respect between  the  sexes, in  the  workplace, in relationships, and in everyday interactions.   


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