Marisa Brand

Professional Network Coordinator
Marisa Brand is most passionate about three things in life: Trader Joe’s, books, and networking. It is the latter passion that first brought Marisa to NeW and now has her excited to serve as the Professional Network Coordinator. Marisa is looking forward to working with young professionals across the country, helping them advance in their careers, and working to grow a larger community of like-minded women.
In addition to her work with NeW, Marisa is a Director at Laurens Group, a public relations and crisis management firm based in Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to her current roles, Marisa served as Senior Political Account Executive with Push Digital, as a Communications Associate with Purple Strategies in DC, and as Governor Larry Hogan’s Deputy Press Secretary. During undergrad, she interned with Monument Advocacy, the NRSC, Carmen Group, and No Labels.
In addition to the aforementioned passions for Trader Joe’s and books, in her free time, Marisa also enjoys baking and cooking, finding new restaurants in Charleston, and wine tasting. She has a B.A. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University and is originally from Southern California.

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