Kendall Wolfson

Board Member

Kendall Wolfson served as NeW’s Director of Operations and directed the NeW Young Women’s Leadership Retreat. Wolfson began her involvement with NeW as a member of NeW’s graduate student chapter at the University of Virginia. Prior to joining the NeW team, she worked in education reform in Washington, DC and served as the Director of Finance for a college preparatory charter school in New Orleans, Louisiana. Wolfson graduated from UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce and earned her master’s degree in Social Foundations of Education at UVA’s Curry School of Education. Wolfson began her career as an economic and business analysis consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, DC. Wolfson is the author of a children’s book about her alma mater, Sweet Dreams UVA. Wolfson’s favorite book on the NeW Book List is Taking Sex Differences Seriously, by Steven Rhoads.


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