2022 Gentleman of the Year Announced

CONTACT: Kathryn Alford, Communications Manager

March 4, 2022


WASHINGTON, DC — Showing civility in politics and leadership and respect for those with whom you disagree is becoming a rarity. This year, the Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, celebrated gentlemen across the country who demonstrate service, kindness, and respect to inspire more of these values through the 12th Annual Gentlemen Showcase.

Through The Gentlemen Showcase, NeW encouraged the country to recognize and honor the gentlemen that give back and serve. This program promotes that there are men around us that serve their communities, respect women, and demonstrate kindness to all – admirable actions that deserve to be highlighted.

Riley McCaughn, a student at Grand Canyon University, Class of 2023, has been named the 2022 Gentleman of the Year. McCaughn was nominated by the NeW at Grand Canyon University chapter because of the way he defended conservatives on campus by standing up to the school’s student government. He brought the university administration’s attention to the fact that the student government was singling out conservatives and thanks to his efforts, changes have been made to make the campus a more welcoming environment for conservatives. In addition to this, McCaughn helps set up blood drives with the Red Cross so his peers can give back to their community.

McCaughn shared what defines a gentleman today, “A gentleman respects those around him, always placing the needs of others before his own. A true gentleman actively seeks to bring honor to his family, to carry on a legacy and best represent where he comes from… He stands firm to his values – his foundation will not break. He welcomes challenge with a smile on his face and an abundant mindset. No matter the task, he will not fold; he will not break. He is resilient, he is determined. He pursues excellence and will work until it is beyond satisfied. He realizes that there is a much larger and more important purpose to life rather than personal gain, and he strives to add value to every life he comes into contact with. He is a leader, not a boss. He creates peace, but he knows when to close his mouth and walk away…His word is as good as gold; he keeps his promises, is trustworthy, and honest. He refuses to take the easy path, and instead will take the honorable path even if it requires hardship.”

Robert Andrews, a student at the University of Virginia, Class of 2023, was chosen as the 2022 Gentlemen Showcase Honorable Mention. He was nominated by his friend, Chloe Sparwath, for how he welcomes and includes everyone around him. She shared in her nomination, Robert is the kindest, smartest, most dedicated man I have ever met. He goes out of his way to help everyone he meets, and make everyone feel good about themselves and comfortable in whatever situation they are in. He genuinely strives to be the best man he can be and is constantly looking for ways to improve himself. He is dedicated to being a loyal, kind, honest man of God and there is no one on Earth who deserves to be showcased as a gentleman more.

Andrews shared about the value that The Gentlemen Showcase brings to our culture today, The Gentlemen Showcase is important because it seeks to promote individuals who espouse to treat others with respect while carrying themselves with dignity. It encourages young men that there is still recognition in acting the right way.

During this year’s Gentlemen Showcase, more than 100 young men were nominated from schools across the country, including American University, Boston College, Cornell University, Dartmouth University, Florida State University, Harvard University, Louisiana State University, Texas Tech University, University of Notre Dame, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Florida, University of Mississippi, Virginia Tech University, and West Virginia.

For any media interested in interviewing either gentleman, please contact Kathryn Alford, Communications Manager for the Network of enlightened Women, at media@enlightenedwomen.org or 571-310-5388.


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