“Resist the equal pay day narrative” by Karin Lips

This piece originally appeared in the Washington Examiner on March 24, 2021.  Wednesday is Equal Pay Day — or the day that supposedly marks how far into this year women must work in order to earn as much as men did the previous year. The annual “holiday” is part of a larger narrative that women […]

Women’s Organization Questions Equal Pay Day Narrative

CONTACT: Kathryn Alford, Communications Manager Kathryn@enlightenedwomen.org 571-310-5388 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 24, 2021 WOMEN’S ORGANIZATION QUESTIONS EQUAL PAY DAY NARRATIVE WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives is holding a hearing in the Committee on Oversight and Reform titled, “Honoring ‘Equal Pay Day’: Examining the Long-Term Economic Impacts of Gender Inequality.” In the hearing description, the […]