2019 Gentlemen of the Year Announced

CONTACT: Kathryn Hopper, Communications Manager
March 12, 2019


WASHINGTON, DC — Do true gentlemen still exist in our society today? Gillett’s ad campaign “The Best Men Can Be” challenges men to be better.

The Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 Gentlemen Showcase, a contest that celebrates the many young men who are polite, act with integrity, and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

Jim Martinson from the University of Notre Dame was nominated by his mentor Alain Oliver and named the 2019 College Gentleman of the Year. “To me, a gentleman is an individual who promotes the dignity of women. A gentleman serves as a protector of his wife, mother, and sisters. A gentleman holds the door open for his fiancé, lets his little sister have the front seat, and cleans the kitchen before his mom asks.”

Grant Frazier, a law student at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, was nominated by his friend, Stacy Skankey, and was chosen as the 2019 Under 30 Gentleman of the Year. Frazier shared what he believes makes a gentleman, “When I think of a gentleman, I think of a humble, hard-working, kind, respectful man who is steadfast in his beliefs and will stand up and do the right thing, even in the face of overwhelming adversity and unpopularity…A gentleman is not perfect, recognizes that he can learn from his mistakes, and takes the actionable steps necessary to address those mistakes and avoid future situations.”

During this year’s Gentlemen Showcase, young men were nominated from schools across the country, such as American University, Harvard University, University of North Carolina, University of Notre Dame, University of Virginia, and Patrick Henry College.

For any media interested in interviewing the Gentlemen of the Year, please contact Kathryn Hopper, Communications Manager for the Network of enlightened Women, at kathryn@enlightenedwomen.org or 571-310-5388.

The Network of enlightened Women is the nation’s premier organization for conservative university women. NeW educates young women on conservative principles, cultivates a community in which to discuss and strengthen these principles, and emboldens young women to speak out on campus and in their communities. NeW is identifying and educating the next generation of women leaders. In addition to campus and young professional chapters, NeW hosts an annual National Conference, hosts professional development events, and nationally serves as a voice for conservative women.




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