NeW on CBS

CBS This Morning, in partnership with Refinery29, interviewed Vanessa about a new poll on what issues millennial women care about and what motivated them to take action.

Charlotte Townsend’s YWLR Experience

Hear from Charlotte Townsend, President of NeW at the College of Charleston, about her experience at NeW’s 2018 Young Women’s Leadership Retreat.  “Charlotte wants to do it!” one of the interns shouted. I could feel my adrenaline start to pump. It was the first full day of NeW’s annual Young Women’s Leadership Retreat, held at […]

Become a Leader for Conservatives on Your Campus

Be a Leader Do you ever walk onto campus and wonder if there are other’s who think like you? Who might be conservative or want to talk about policies and the effect they have? Or perhaps you want to read a book and talk about it with friends. If so, it’s time to become a […]

#ShesConservative Is Here

#ShesConservative in September This September the #ShesConservative campaign will once again shatter the idea people have about conservatives. Young women across the country are proud to be conservative and it’s time we stand up and proudly exclaim, “This Is What A Conservative Looks Like. Get involved in just 4 steps. “This Is What A Conservative Looks Like” shirt. Get […]