2018 Chapter Award Nominees: Outstanding Social Media- Temple University

NeWs flash: the National Conference is rounding the corner.

To kick off the event, NeW is giving each nominee for the conference awards the opportunity to express their thoughts about how NeW has shaped them as writers, thinkers, activists, and strong, conservative women.

This series will provide readers and listeners with the opportunity to get to know the incredible NeW women up for our awards. These ladies are shaking up their campuses for conservatism. They are unstoppable. The series will consist of both audio and written interviews, so say tuned for more information and releases.

NeW at Temple University is one of the three nominees up for the “Social Media” award, honoring one chapter’s spectacular social media platform. We are seriously impressed with the activity on NeW at Temple University’s social media. Learn more about their process below, courtesy of Kimberly Burton:

Q. In what ways has social media been an essential tool to your chapter?

A. Social media has helped us a lot with outreach, especially people messaging our Facebook page to join. It also has allowed us to show potential members past events in a visual way.

Q. How have you utilized social media?

A. We have an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page. We try to be as active on all social media as possible (without posting too much) to promote the club. We also have different campaigns we have done for different events as promotion such as our Gent Showcase countdown.

Q. Got any social media tips for other chapters?

A. I think the key is to be creative. Too many graphics are not a good thing, people like to see faces. I definitely recommend coming up with ways to supplement graphics with photos of your members. It makes for a more interesting feed.

Q. What goes into a successful social media campaign?

A. Social media campaigns can be really simple, as long as they are executed well. I think the key is not to over-post or use too many graphics. Faces of members will definitely help your social media outreach. Also, looking at the time you are posting based on your followers will help your efforts go farther.

Q. Do you usually plan your posts or post spontaneously?

A. We plan our posts. I use an app called UNUM to plan our Instagram feed and I schedule tweets and Facebook posts. I also make a lot of our graphics ahead of time so it’s easier to post.

Q. What’s the most effective way to announce an event on social media?

A. First, you want to make sure you are posting at a good time for your followers to see your post. This can vary by social media outlet and by your audience, but you should look at analytics to see. Also, sharing the information is how it will really get out. Make sure if members are sharing the event, they share publicly on their page. All posts will go farther on personal pages if they are set to public.

Q. What social media to you prefer to use for NeW? Why?

A. I prefer to use Instagram because that is really popular with people our age and it’s the most visually appealing. I also think it’s very easy to reference past events and photos without too much scrolling.

Q. How do you engage with other users on your chapters social media?

A. We try to like, comment, and retweet other chapters’ and individuals’ content if we can.

Q. How do you delegate social media responsibilities to other NeW members?

A. I mostly maintain the social media but our president, Karly helps some as well.

Q. When do you get the most responses on social media?

We get the most responses when we do original photos of our members. People love seeing faces of our members and are more likely to interact that way.

Q. How important is it for other chapters to have active social media accounts or to engage with social media?

A. It’s important because these social media accounts can be ways to promote the club and reach new members. If you aren’t on social media, you could be missing possible members from your school.




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