2018 Chapter Award Nominees: Enlightened Woman of the Year- Grayson Campo

May 28, 2018 | Vanessa Rivera

NeWs flash: the National Conference is rounding the corner.

To kick off the event, NeW is giving each nominee for the conference awards the opportunity to express their thoughts about how NeW has shaped them as writers, thinkers, activists, and strong, conservative women.

This series will provide readers and listeners with the opportunity to get to know the incredible NeW women up for our awards. These ladies are shaking up their campuses for conservatism. They are unstoppable. The series will consist of both audio and written interviews, so say tuned for more information and releases.

Grayson Campo is one of the three nominees up for the "Woman of the Year" award, honoring one woman who has really made an impact on the NeW community. Learn about the waves that Grayson has been making in her NeW community:

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